'La Limonaia', built in the 18th century, is plunged in the secular park of the Villa Bruguier between other ancient buildings.
Nowadays, this large dining room has maintained all its architectonical characteristics, even if it has been completely restored.
The stone components, the cotto floors, the wooden beams, the large gloss windows opened onto the garden give it a suggestive and quiet atmosphere.
This building was born for the winter protection of the citrus fruits that, in spring and summer, decorate the opposite lawns with their large earthenware basin.
Today, after the restoration, it has got a new identity, lodging cultural activities, receptions, conventions, shows and concerts, thanks to its good acoustics.
The heating system makes it comfortable during the winter, too.
It can lodge 300 set people for manifestations, 250 people at tables for receptions and 450 people if they join the two next rooms.
In the wide park, large lawns are placed side by side by secular essences: Lebanese cedars, coniferous trees, horse-chestnuts and lagaestroenie.
Fountains and jets gladden the view of the park.
The park has got a night lighting and there's a large car park for cars and buses.

For more information please contact :

Villa Bruguier
Camigliano Lucca - Italia
Cell. 338 62 45 968

La limonaia e' disponibile per manifestazioni, culturali, concerti, ricevimenti, meetings, convegni e matrimoni.